Rosebank Junior Grade 3 2022


Rosebank Junior Grade 3 2022


A4 Rotatrim Copy Paper per ream (500 sheets)
Paper A4 Bright 100’s Assorted
Book Cover 480x3m 100mic Rolls Clear (3 Meter Adhesive Roll instead)
Glue Stick Staedtler 40g (INT)
Staedtler Tradition Eraser
Koki Fibre Tip Pens 12’s Staedtler/Bic
Pencil Croxley HB each
Pencil Case Nylon/Denim 33cm
Ruler Plastic 30cm
Scissors 130mm Blunt Nose (Left or Right)
2 Hole Barrel Sharpener Round
Flard Card Set
A4 Whiteboard (kids)
Whiteboard Markers Assorted Colours 4’s
Tissue’s 200’s
Book Bag A4 PVC Assorted – Thick PVC with Zip
Foldback Clips 51mm
Plasters Assorted for Kids
Hand Sanitiser 70% with spray nozzle 500ml
A5 College Exercise Book 48PG F/M
72pg A4 College Exercise Book F/M
2 Quire 192pg A4 Counter Books Q/M 1024
Display Book 50pg Pocket File Flic
Display Book 30pg Pocket File Flic
72pg A4 College Book I/M
DLB White Opaque Self Seal, without window, 110 x220mm 80gsm



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